Mother's Work Inc Case Study: Women in the Workforce

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Mother's Work, Inc. Women in the Workforce Student's Name Course Number and Title Date of Submission Background Mother's Work, Inc., now Destination Maternity, is the world's largest designer and retailer of maternity apparel. Frank Mullay, VP of Stores for Mother's Work, Inc. ordered the termination of Cynthia Papageorge, a District Manager, when she was out on maternity leave. Mullay indicated that Papageorge was "unfit" for her job because of her "state," Papageorge's immediate supervisor, Jan Dowe, refused to fire Cynthia, fearing the termination would be illegal. Six months after returning from maternity leave, Papageorge was released after requesting medical leave for an unrelated shoulder injury. Jan Dowe was also fired for inadequate job performance after taking maternity leave. On June 26, 2003, Papageorge filed a lawsuit against Mother's Work for gender and pregnancy discrimination. Background Continued The judge throws out the case with little media attention. However, because the case had already been featured in major newspaper publications, Mother's Work, Inc. will need to develop both a strategic and tactical response to the issue. The company is particularly vulnerable to the psychological issue that they are no longer sensitive or supportive of the needs of working mothers ironic since they are a maternity clothing company. Business Problem Maintaining the organization's reputation with employees and the public. Identifying stakeholders
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