Mothers and Daughters

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Mariana Berisha Text and Context 2 Dr. Bowen February 19, 2013 Love and War between Mothers and Daughters A mother and daughter relationship can be either good or bad, but it’s definitely interesting. People say this kind of bond is unbreakable because of what they shared during pregnancy and birth, but others say this bond doesn’t last for long or maybe never really grew. In this short story “A Pair of Tickets” and poem “Hanging Fire” show a difference in each relationship. In “A pair of Tickets” the character Jing-mei, is an American Woman on a pilgrimage to China to meet her half-sisters, who were also abandoned by her mother in China during World War II. Jing-mei’s mother hoped to reunite with her daughters, but she had died…show more content…
Her same eyes, her same mouth, open in surprise to see, at last, her long-cherished wish.”(277) Which explains that they are all like her mother and yet they aren’t, but all that doesn’t matter because all that counts is blood and heritage. Through her meeting with her half-sisters, Jing-mei finds her heritage and identity. In the poem “Hanging Fire” is written from a point of view of a 14 year old girl who is worried about her life ending to early and seems to be impatient about when her life will start to turn around and go the right away. The first and second line “I am fourteen and my skin has betrayed me” means that this girl believes she is missing out on things because she is not white. Many young children are unaware of their race and how they can become affected by it, but as they get older around the time of puberty they start to notice the difference. In line three, four and five “the boy I cannot live without still l sucks his thumb in secret” since she is fourteen, she is a young woman but in other ways she is still a child. She thinks she is old enough of all in love but the boy that she loves is still childish. She doesn’t seem to see her own childish , but we can because most young girls always want to think by teenage years they are old enough for many
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