Mothers and Daughters by Pat Mora

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The poem “Mothers and Daughters” is written by Pat Mora. Pat Mora is a contemporary award winning writer, who writes for children, youngsters and adults. She was born in El Paso, TX in the year 1942. She attains a title of a Hispanic writer; however, the most of her poems are in English. In her literary work, one can observe the different aspects of the immigrants’ lives such as language issues, family relationships, immigrants’ experiences and cultural differences (1187). In the poem, “Mothers and daughters”, she writes about the relationship of mothers and daughters. The speaker of the poem is mother and she is describing mothers’ relationship with their daughters. In the beginning of the poem, she gives insight of mothers and daughters share love with each other. They have close bonding and have a perfect relationship. Later, the mother describes the dark side of their relationship where they have conflicts with each other. “Mothers and daughters” is the poem which illustrates the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters as they share love with each other, but they have conflicts too. First, the speaker represents the bright side of the mothers and daughters’ relationship where they have strong bond and they love each other presence. She says mothers and daughter walk happily “arm-in-arm” in the “villages and shopping malls” (line 1-2). Here, mother is drawing a pleasant image of mothers and daughters bond. They are holding each other hand, talking, and…

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