Moths Interpretation Essay

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Nature is the most beautiful as well as the most dangerous thing. It offers a lot of threats as well as wonders. The human is the humble creature who might only see the nature by its dark side. We are living the inside world, and nature is outside. We think we are independent as we isolate ourselves. Adam Zagajewski’s “Moths” is a wonderful yet imagistic poem which captures a great sense of how human observed and felt about nature: startle and tear away. It offers the readers a snapshot view of a moment, an experience when our little worlds of safety met the unknown world outside. If one does not prepare to deal with these things, he/ she will withdraw even more. The poem begins with a dark scenery. The author and his group sit inside…show more content…
Instead of “sit”, the author uses the word “seated”, which means arranging one to sit somewhere. All of the action of the people are described in passive voice, instead of active voice. This at first give me a little wondering whether the author meant to do that, to put the human somehow become weaker and inferior than the moths. The author and his group had to sit inside, while the moths were freely flying outside. Also, the word phrase "seated at the table" reminds me a lot of school and workplace, where people are assigned a desk or table and do what others told. As I read through the second paragraph, I began to understand his…show more content…
I believe the Zagajewski intended to put the same sentences at the beginning and the end of the poem. This created a continuing effect. Throughout the poem, the moths were still watching them. While the human is growing more and more inside, the moths are still watching them. The author stated “in August” because during this time period is the moths’ season. We can see them everywhere. Whenever there is a light, they will fly toward it, try to get in and burn themselves. In the poem, the moths were flying toward the bright light from the window of the author. They are pursuing something else, not just the empty light rays. It was an amazing poem because by a simple moment, the author could develop something deep and majestic, which brings the readers to a totally new
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