Motif And Theme In Franny

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In this essay, I will discuss motif and theme in ‘Franny’, and how these are working with focalization and narration. The motif of the sheared-raccoon coat, which is mentioned two times during the narrative, represents the evolution in the relationship between Franny and Lane, because of their different look at authenticity and finery in life. In the beginning of the short story, when Franny arrives at the station, one of the first things Lane notices, is Franny’s coat. He also remembers that he kissed the coat lapel once, which could represent the fact he is actually not really in love with Franny’s personality, but with her likeable image and the way other people are watching her. This situation is also interesting for the analysis of…show more content…
Considering this, it is logical the coat is not mentioned again, because this motif only makes sense from the point of view of Lane – only he has specific memories about this coat – and he is not the focalizer anymore. The previously mentioned discussion about ‘keeping up appearances’ also touches the overall theme of the text. After all, the changing relationship between Lane and Franny, metaphorically displayed by the sheared-raccoon coat, also represents the tension between the principal characters and their view on acting in life: on the one hand the importance of image, on the other hand the importance of being authentic in relationships. This tension between the two principal characters is displayed by a continuous switch in focalization: both external and internal focalization are used. In the beginning, there is an external focalizer who just describes the happenings, but he often gets interrupted by Lane, who acts like an internal focalizer – commonly during passages about Franny. Like this, the reader is seeing Franny through the eyes of Lane. Further in the story, it becomes clear the view Lane has about Franny is incorrect, so the – incorrect – focalization of Lane disappears and the external focalizer becomes more
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