Motifs And Morals In Margaret Mitchell's [UNK] The Wind

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Topic: Margaret Mitchell’s real, true motifs’ morals’ and lessons’ and the relation to her beliefsand her novel Gone with the Wind.Research questions or claim: Margaret Mitchell was a journalist not a person of great imagination and creativity she wroteonly facts that only she knew. Due to Racial issues and the time of the Great Depression, peoplesaw to offense that Mitchell wrote this thinking that she was basing herself as Scarlett O’Hara, aslave owner during a time known for racism which throughout American History is one of themost documented time periods known as, “the Civil War” which was one the first depressionsAmericans suffered.Research Proposal:The belief that people thought this was based on a writer putting her imagination and creativityto paper saying that she was the protagonist of her…show more content…
Garza 2depended if you were a conspirator trying to make author’s work go to waste by saying falseclaims about them and making up hoaxes, or if you we’re on Mitchell’s side which was the realpurpose of her work which was by reading her novel in those times it would give you hope tokeep on striving towards something better, and the way I see it is as if they’re simply trying toruin someone's legacy by saying that she was a spoiled, ungrateful, racist but if they truly knewthe facts they would know that in those times the point of writing books like this was to inspirepeople to not give up and follow their dream, the American Dream, which means to succeed inthe country of the free, and that was the point of this book, showing that even the darkest timesthere was hope, for example, yes, they did have slaves, they owned them as their own property,but they treated them with the same respect as they treated their other relatives because to themthey we’re family, and that's what got them through those times, and so the moral of all this is ifyou’re going to read a book read it all, place yourself in the author’s position, and grasp the realtrue concept of this
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