Motifs In The Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern is a good movie to analyze the presence of ancient hero motifs in modern film. Throughout, The Green Lantern, the protagonist and central hero of the film Hal Jordan embodies many of the character motifs of ancient heroes such as opposition, help from others, tokens of recognition, and rewards while also neglecting some of these classic motifs. Typical of most heroes, Hal Jordan receives a lot of opposition from the government, the people and guardians of Oa, and from the main villains Dr. Hammond and Parallax. The government faces a threat to Hal Jordan because they are searching for him in order to discover his involvement with Abin Sur, the extraterrestrial Green Lantern whom crashed into Earth and was able to pass the ring onto Jordan. After receiving the power of the ring Jordan deals with the criticism and skepticism from fellow core members as well as the guardians of Oa, who don’t listen to Jordan’s advice about the power of fear. The most prevalent opposition is that of Dr. Hammond and Parallax who both possess the power of fear. Parallax the greater danger of the two is extremely powerful and tries to devour and feed off of Earth but with the power of will Jordan is able to defeat Parallax. Even though Jordan is able to overcome many obstacles…show more content…
by the rings and lanterns. These pieces which contain Jordan’s power are also symbolic of the hero’s tokens of recognition on the planet Oa. Another symbol of recognition is the coat of arms that his suit creates when he is the Green Lantern which lets others now he is from Earth. With the ring Jordan is able to draw on the power of willingness which enables him to complete heroic exploits. As the Green Lantern Jordan embodies the hero role of a savior. Jordan’s two main heroic exploits involved saving a group of people from Dr. Hammond and also destroying Parallax to save the Earth from being consumed the
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