Motion Down an Incline Essay

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Lab 1, problem 3: Motion Down an Incline Shaoren Yuan October 5, 2013 Physics 1301W, professor: Dr. Zudov, TA: David Abstract The processes of a cart rolling up and returning back along a track were recorded, and the processes (motion of the cart.) were described as equations. Also, we calculated the accelerations of every stage (aup, adown and ahighest). Then the relationship among aup, adown and ahighest was concluded. Finally, the acceleration was measured and was proved from data. Introduction If there is a car launched from the bottom of an incline and it goes up until reaching the highest point, then it reverses its direction. To ensure the safety under this circumstance, the accelerations of every stage need to be…show more content…
Therefore, the net force of the block was mg*sinθ and pointed down along the track. The free-body diagram is as following: Since no friction acted on cart, aup=adown=ahighest=-g*sinθ. Procedure: The thickness of two blocks together (H) was measured, and the length of the track (L) was recorded. Then the two wood blocks were put on the desk, and one end of the track was set on the blocks to make the incline. Meanwhile, the angle between the track and the desk, θ, was calculated (technically, sinθ was measured according to sinθ=H/L). Next, we marked 30cm on the one side of the track by using tapes, which was applied to determine the distance in the Motion Lab&VideoRECOREDER. After that, the distance and height of the camera was adjusted to a proper position to make sure record the motion well. According to the video effect from computer, the best position for observation was about 40cm height above the desk, and 80cm away from the track. Then we put the cart with the compressed spring on the lower end of the track. After that, we fixed the track in case that the track would move or vibrate when the cart started. Then the spring of the cart was released and the time was recorded simultaneously. After the cart returned back, before it collided the end of the track, we then stopped it and finished recording. Next, the data
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