Essay about Motion Picture Industry Case Problem 2

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Motion Picture Industry
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Motion Picture Industry
Motion picture industries are a very competitive business (Anderson, Sweeney & Williams, 2012). More than 50 studios produce a total of 300 to 400 new motion pictures each year, and the financial success of each motion picture varies considerably (Anderson, Sweeney & Williams, 2012). Data was collected for a sample of 100 motion pictures produced in 2005 (Anderson, Sweeney & Williams, 2012). From this information given numerical methods of descriptive statistics are presented to show how these variables contribute to the success of a motion picture.
Frequency Distributions/Percent Frequency. The classes for
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Motion pictures being shown in less than 1500 theaters and motion pictures less than 10 weeks in the top 60 are common.
Scatter Diagrams. The diagrams below show how Total Gross Sales is related to each of the other three variables.

Opening Weekend Gross Sales. There is a strong positive relationship between total gross sales and opening weekend gross sales. From the scatter diagram, it shows that the motion pictures with the highest total gross sales were also the motion pictures with the highest opening weekend gross sales. A motion pictures success in the opening weekend is a good indicator of how well the motion picture will do in terms of gross sales. The scatter diagram also shows a correlation between the motion pictures that have a low opening weekend gross sale and a low total gross sale.
Number of Theaters. Total gross sales and the number of theaters also show a positive relationship. For motion pictures playing in less than 3000 theaters, the total gross sales have a positive relationship with the number of theaters. If the motion picture is shown in more theaters, higher total gross sales are anticipated. For motion pictures playing in more than 3000 theaters, the relationship is not as strong. 3000 to 4000 represents the maximum number of theaters possible. If a motion picture is shown in this many theaters, 15 motion pictures did
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