Motivating Employee Motivation For The Success Of An Organization

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An important factor that contributes to the success of an organization is employee motivation. Organizational size & complexity, competition due to globalization, advancement in information technology has led managers to try to figure out ways to motivate employees to get the most out of them to stay competitive. Motivating employees is a challenging task as organization must deal with the diverse work force. Employees change their jobs frequently when employers don’t meet certain expectations. This dynamic nature of needs and expectation poses challenge to motivate employee in the organization.

Frederick Herzberg in his article details the gap between the knowledge and speculation about what motivates employees. Herzberg discusses
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Myths about Motivation
Herzberg confronts KITA practices that were developed to instill motivation. He often referred to hygiene factors as "KITA" factors, which is an acronym for "kick in the ass", the process of providing incentives or threat of punishment to make someone do something.
1. Reducing time spent at work - The idea here is to motivate people to work less so people can be more productive and have a better quality of life. The truth is that motivated people seek more hours, not less.

2. Spiraling Wages - Spiraling wages motivate people to seek the next wage increase. If rising wages won’t motivate, reducing them might.

3. Fringe Benefits - These benefits have gone from rewards to rights. The cost of fringe benefits is approximately 25% of the wage dollar. People are spending less time working expecting more security and money. Fringe benefits do not motivate.

4. Human Relations Training - More than 30 years of teaching and training and the question is still the same: How do you motivate employees?

5. Sensitivity Training - Because of the failure of Human Relations Training, sensitivity training was developed. Many employees were forced to get to know themselves better and no motivation was garnered.

6. Communications - This was the next management training program to instill motivation. The idea was to let employees understand what management was trying to do for them. But communication didn’t lead to motivation, it only lead to
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