Motivating Employees

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While working as a manager in an organization, his job is to make sure that the employees are doing their jobs and they are doing it in the most productive way. But employees are not machines that we could just program their task in their brain and they will do it automatically, they require motivation to actually do their job properly. This is easier said then done, to understand the ways of motivating people we first need to understand human nature, which is the fundamental nature and substance of humans (wikipedia, human nature). Various philosophers have come out with different theories trying to explain the human nature and how to motivate them. These philosophers include Douglas Mcgregor with his "Theory X, Theory Y", and then there…show more content…
The safety of the person is important because they need to feel secure in life, without that they would not be able to do anything with confidence, and they would always have the fear of being attacked or harassed. Thirdly after the person feels secure, they would try to find love and the sense of belongingness and that is because everyone seeks to overcome the feeling of being lonely, so they would try to find someone to be with, and that includes the giving and taking of love or they would join or create a group of friends to be with. After the previous needs are satisfied, one would seek the need of self-esteem or esteem that from the others, because everyone would seek respect from others and also a stable level of self-respect, without respect the person would feel helpless, worthless and depressed. That would not motivate the employee to fully contribute their abilities to their job. And the highest level would be self-actualization, Maslow describes that it's the person's need to be and do that which that person is "born to do" (Janet, Maslow). That motivates the person to continue to search for new ways to improve themselves, resulting the improvement and full contribution to what they are doing. Maslow's theory clearly explains the need and the power behind the motivation a person need and have.

Subsequently there is David McClelland's "achievement motivation". David believes that
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