Motivating Health Care Employees

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Horizon acquired Vista travel
Moved several employees from Detroit to Houston.
Bookings are down
Costs are up
New employees are dramatically underperforming.

Slide 2: There are several things wrong:
Adjustment to new systems (network & phone)
Issues related to the move
New org culture
Motivation issues

Slide 3: Interventions
Training on the new IT systems
Integrate IT systems with strategy
Company needs to help with moving-related issues
Provide moving assistance, help with schools, housing
And jobs for spouses.

Slide 4: Interventions
Orientation with new culture
Explain role with Horizon
Provide incentives
Provide more support

Slide 5: Maslow's Hierarchy
Level 1: Physiology
Level 2: Security
Level 3: Belonging, Social
Level 4: Self-esteem
Level 5: Self-actualization

Slide 6: Maslow's Hierarchy
Level 1 is being met
Level 2 is not: new homes, family adjustments
Level 3 is not: integrate new people with Horizon
Level 4 is not: worries about performance, layoff rumors
Level 5 is where most sales people work
But the new people especially have lower-level needs

Slide 7: Ginnett's Model of Leadership
TELM (team effectiveness leadership model)
Organizational inputs
Team design
Individual inputs
Team processes
Context inputs
Team effectiveness

Slide 8: Applying Ginnett's Model
Changes to reward systems, education systems
-Right now the people don't know the systems and aren't motivated…
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