Motivating K-12 Learners in Education

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Motivation affects nearly 75% of K-12 learners in education. It is a problem that effects students' learning ability, causing them to detach from the classroom setting, which later results in failure on standardize tests. Motivation is very essential in education. It implicates the reason of a child's actions and behaviors in a particular way. The theoretical background for this study centers around ways students' interest level arises and fails, and what strategies and activities motivates them when learning. Educational researchers pronounces that students are motivated in education, proving that they learn best when they take lead of the academic curriculum. By taking lead of the academic curriculum give students the opportunity to…show more content…
The proportional sample for this study was assembled for a quantitative study. A quantitative approach was most appropriate for this study hence the researchers attempts to systematically investigate the social phenomena through statistical, numerical data, using computerized techniques to input the data. The sampling included Elementary and Secondary grade level students. The size of the sample ranged from 20-28 PE students per school aging from 5 to 15 years old. The criterion for the students' participation was obtained from a Physical Educational database. In the study, the researchers used a computerized meta-analysis as a method of data collection to survey students' reactions from a teacher centered classroom vs. a student centered classroom. Empirical knowledge suggests that students appear to experience minimal distress when they were surveyed 1.5 to 2 weeks after school began. The student surveys was considered an instrument design to assess the quality of students' reactions as they ended their semester in physical education. The validation for students being motivated in a student-centered setting utilizing this instrument, showed that their motivational levels increased as though it did not in the teacher-centered setting. The meta-analytic study revealed that all students of grade level are motivated regardless of the theoretical constructs used in the study (Chen, 2012). The results of this survey confirmed that 87% elementary, 80%

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