Motivating Mortimer

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Motivating Mortimer Introduction This report is on a project undertaken to help an older gentleman named Mortimer who is seventy-seven years old. This project is intended to get Mortimer to develop a different behavior than what he has been displaying in recent times. He recalls his life story in the following way. As a young man, Mortimer enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corp. He was stationed in Australia and met his beautiful bride, Rosie. They have six great children, now in their forties and fifties. Mortimer worked for an advertising agency after he got out of the service. He was in very good physical shape. Tennis and track were his two sports of choice. As a matter of fact, Mortimer was a runner in the 1956 Olympics.…show more content…
Rosie has done everything a person could possibly do for someone in this position. Rosie attends to his daily needs. She tries to get him interested in things she knows he likes. She tries to get Mortimer up each morning, dressed, and motivated enough to go on a daily walk with her. Their children and grandchildren visit as much as possible, although some live out-of-town and don't get to visit as often as they'd like. They would all like to see Mortimer get his old spirit back and they would like to see Rosie get a break from the daily grind of caring for someone who lacks the motivation and desire to live. It is both physically and emotionally draining for Rosie. Rosie and the rest of the family wonder how they can help Mortimer to motivate himself, so that he realizes that there is still meaning to his life. The Current Situation Rosie and Mortimer have been married for fifty-eight years. Until approximately one year ago, Mortimer had lived a full life. Rosie continues to take care of his daily needs, however, in the past year, she has seen Mortimer slowly failing. Rosie acknowledges the fact that Mortimer is failing and does not like seeing him with no motivation to go on. She says Mortimer has told her that he feels like his life is coming to an end. It is likely that Mortimer is in a state of depression that may be treated with professional help. Goals The goal is to help

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