Motivating Motivation And Classroom Climate

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Motivational factors. Motivation is a large element to complete any given daily task; however students with ADHD are impacted by their disorder, which causes academic and behavioral concerns. Nowacek and Mamlin (2007), discovered that educators offer a small number of modifications for students who exhibit ADHD. However, teachers understood the characteristics students with ADHD possessed (Nowacek & Mamlin, 2007). Sapiro, Dupaul, and Bradley-Klug (1998), established when strategies, such as self-management, were presented to students with ADHD. These students were inclined to demonstrate a considerable amount of improvement in behavior and academics. Even though self-management was found to be effective, implementing this strategy was very time consuming (Sapiro, Dupaul, & Bradley-Klug, 1998). Since reinforcement was found to be effective, more research is needed to discover motivational strategies that are efficient, while simultaneously allowing the teacher to conduct their lessons along with the strategy to benefit students with ADHD. Motivation and classroom climate. Classroom atmosphere can play a critical role in giving students a place where they feel a sense of ownership. The classroom is a student’s second home as they spend a considerable amount of time with their teacher. From the time students walk into the school they are affected by the school s physical appearance (Butterworth & Weinstein, 1996). In addition to Butterworth and Weinstein (1996), Hadre and
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