Motivating Workers Can Be One Of The Most Challenging For Management

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Motivating workers can be one of the most challenging for management. Management should ask their workers what motivates them the most. If management has a hard time deciding the staff’s motivators, then he/she should ask them what would make them more eager and thrilled about doing their job. If the individual appears to be uncertain or undecided, then management should recommend different types of motivators. While they are making these recommendations, they should also listen and observe the employee’s reactions and responses. For the most part, employees want strong and well- defined goals, objectives, and expectations that are jointly understood and decided upon. They want a strong boss who is a great leader and he/she can lead and guide their actions. Also, they want respect and fair treatment. Staff that are motivated want to have opportunities to grow within the organization, to have power and say-so about their work, participate in decision-making, and to have a role or be a part of a triumphant team. When management ask an employee what motivates them, they will more than likely receive negative answers such as, “Give me a raise, if you want me to be motivated or Don’t ask for my opinions, view, or thoughts if you don’t want to hear it.” Now, there are some positive ways that management can counter or respond to their negative answers. Staff often view money as the focal point to motivation. If the organization cannot guarantee a raise at that time, then they
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