Motivating Your Employees Can Be A Real Challenge

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In today’s turbulent, often chaotic environment, commercial success depends on employees using their full talents. Yet in spite of the available theories and practices, managers often view motivation as something of a mystery. How are employees motivated? What are other companies doing to motivate employees and is it possible to motivate employees without money? These are questions that need to be answered. Motivating your employees can be a real challenge. Ashton (2014) reports that it is hard to know exactly what your employees want to be happy and which of their wishes you can realize. The need is to find the line between achieving the desires of your employees and maintaining a successful business (p.7). According to Heathfield (2012) “an individual’s motivation is influenced by biological, intellectual, social, and emotional factors. Motivation is a complex, not easily defined, intrinsic driving force that can also be influenced by external factors.” Every employee has activities, events, people, and goals in his or her life that he or she finds motivating. So motivation about some aspect of life exists in each person’s consciousness and actions. The trick for employers is to figures out how to inspire employee’s motivation at work. To create a work environment in which an employee is motivated about work, involves both intrinsically satisfying and extrinsically encouraging factors (p.12). Major companies are keeping their…
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