Motivating to Perform in the Workplace

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M3.12 MOTIVATING TO PERFORM IN THE WORKPLACE ~ By ANDREA HUGHES The value of assessing performance Formal and Informal systems of assessment/appraisal Assessment is the on-going review by a line manager of the work an employee or a team has performed that is measured against expected outcomes. It is a two way communication channel that gives a shared understanding of what is to be achieved, it provides an opportunity to get employees to buy in to the process. It is a useful tool that can highlight development needs. It can highlight good practice, and bad practice and if there are deficiencies in the process, on either side. This means there is an opportunity to recognise achievement and where problems are identified, how these can be…show more content…
Personally I prefer to talk with my team members about work regularly because I find this helps me to keep on top of how the team is performing and if any problems are arising or any potential issues are coming up and can be sorted. I can see some benefits of a formal appraisal system. However, I don’t necessarily see the need for an extremely structured formal appraisal system on every occasion. Ways to ensure fair and objective formal assessment are achieved Assessment can be influenced by many factors that can prejudice the opinion that is arrived at. Ensuring that assessment is fair and objective is a constant process and one way to ensure that it is fair and objective is to be aware of the elements that may affect your judgement. These can include: * Personal opinion; * Influence from others; * Mood on the day; * Objectives / goals are unrealistic or different benchmarks; * Personality clash; * There could be a perception that people are being picked on; * Professional standards are open to interpretation. Once you realise that these factors exist, you can then arm yourself with the tools to counter act these problems that will help you keep things fair and objective. Managers can demonstrate this by displaying to all staff that they: * Treat all staff equally; * Roles are clearly defined; * Clear objectives and targets are set; * Consistency; * Transparency; * Have proper
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