Motivation And Development Of Staff

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Motivation and Development of Staff
A work force filled with people eager to learn and develop is a sure sign a company hired well. Employees who are engaged in their jobs and careers want to know more about their company and industry and to learn skills that will improve their performance. Employers who want to harness the full value of their employees and foster loyalty and retention will find training is a winning prospect for all involved. Each employee contributes to an organisation 's overall function. Only, not everyone sees how that occurs. Employees with specific and limited scope jobs can easily come to feel they are just a cog in the wheel whose work may not be that important. Training can help employees understand how their …show more content…

Staff should learn new skills throughout the course of their career to stay productive. Training improves technical, personal or management skills and will increase staff efficiency. There are two main training methods:
• On-the-job training where experienced members of staff explain a job or a skill.
• Off the job training where outside experts are paid to explain a job or a skill.
An annual staff appraisal is a chance for an employee to discuss their recent work and future training needs with their line manager in a meeting. Retaining workers is important to a business because it costs time and money to hire and train a replacement. Appraisal and training helps motivate staff and so improves staff retention.
Motivation is important because even at the most basic level, it costs more to replace staff than to keep them. Staff liked to feel needed and respected and keeping them happy means they 'll stay with you for much longer. The company needs to remind them self’s that even in tough times; they need to keep motivating their staff high on their list of priorities.
• Make staff feel respected
• Check on their staff regularly
Hopefully staff are performing well and helping drive their business forward. In that case, a business should be letting them know how much they value them on a regular basis.
• Incentivize their staff by with social events
• Let staff know how much they value them

Financial methods of motivation
Though there

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