Motivation And Emotion And Emotions Essay

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Motivation and emotion are closely linked concepts that affect behaviour. Motives affect emotion and emotion has related motivational properties. Motivation is defined as a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a certain manner as it gives directions to our emotions, feelings and actions. Similar to motivation, emotions also activate and affect behaviourisms but emotion is rather a more subjective, complex experience resulting in behavioural changes. (, 2016) (, 2016) (, 2016)
In order for motivation to cause a behavioural change it must be sourced. Motivation may be sourced either in a biological, emotional, cognitive or social manner. Biologically, motivation is sourced via food, water and temperature regulation. Emotionally, motivation is sourced via panic, fear, love or hatred. Motivation is sourced cognitively via perceptions, beliefs and expectations. Social factors also serve as a source of motivation in terms of parenting, teachers, siblings, friends and media. Motivation is subdivided into many categories in order to further explain and understand this concept. (Comparing Motivation to Emotion, 2016) (, 2016) (, 2016)
Motivation and Emotion may be further broken down by evaluating the components in which each concept is divided into.
Components of Motivation: (Verywell, 2016)
1.) Drives - are innate biological mechanisms. For example acts of hunger or thirst (Heffner and Heffner, 2016)
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