Motivation And Literacy : How Stimulate The Passion For Reading

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Motivation and Literacy: How to stimulate the Passion for Reading Idrissa Mboup New Jersey City University November 10, 2014 Dr. Jim Lattanzi Motivation and Literacy What makes us learn? Some of us may be motivated by tradition and others by incentives to name a few. Motivation is a key player in what keeps students alert. As educators, we must use motivation to our best advantage to achieve the best results. Take literature for example which many students may not enjoy reading. So how do we keep the students engaged in reading which will greatly increase their comprehension? We may choose a reading topic that may be of interest to the students or allow them to pick their own books. In the end, we want our students to walk away with the best education possible. It is not only for the sense of raising our self-esteem as educators, but raises the student’s level of self-efficacy which may lead to success. An article presented by Dale H. Schunk and Mary Jo Rice presents information about reading comprehension strategy’s and their outcomes. Through their work, it was proven that reading comprehension strategies promotes positive outcomes. The students were given a task to find the main idea in a story. The students were assessed before and after the instruction were given. Rice and Schunk (1992) used remedial fourth and fifth grade students to illustrate the positive outcomes of strategy and reading comprehension. In addition to
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