Motivation And Management Theory Of Motivation Essay

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In order to understand motivation in an organization and how it affects its employees and management we must first understand what exactly motivation is. Motivation in an organization encourages employees to work efficiently and in the best interest of the company; as the manager of an organization one should start looking into why or how motivation is established. An organization will not be as successful if their employees are unmotivated and they will likely have a high turnover rate. This may be especially important in the upcoming years as more and more millennials begin to enter into the workforce. On average people switch job at least 10-15 times in their life and this trend is will mostly likely increase with millennials (Doyle). In my ethics class we discussed how kids of my generation will make big changes to the way organizations are run. Millennials may be motivated differently than the generation X workers. Motivation has continually evolved and now there are different strategies on how to motivate employees. Frederick Taylor, an engineer who pursued increasing efficiency in organizations, developed the scientific management theory of motivation. He wanted to be able to figure out the most efficient way to complete a task. He decided to break down tasks into the smallest possible units (Dininni). He focused on how much work could be done in a certain amount of time. “Taylor 's management theory asserts that organizations should identify the best way to
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