Motivation And The Reluctant Learner

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Running head: MOTIVATION

Motivation and the Reluctant Learner
Jennifer F. Olivares
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Blended Learning Community, ME-PD

Successfully motivating all students to want to learn and to work to their full potential is undoubtedly a complicated task. Motivation is impacted by a variety of internal and external as well as social and cultural factors and is unique to every individual. Several motivation theories exist to help better explain and understand motivation. Strategies and techniques related to these motivation theories can be implemented within the classroom setting with the goal of successfully motivating students. The role of educators and the classroom environments they create is
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As someone who thrived on positive feedback and recognition from my teachers throughout my educational career, I also struggle with why my positive reinforcement is not enough to prompt unmotivated students to turn in their homework or put forth their best efforts. As a person who greatly valued the grades she achieved, I feel frustrated when capable students’ grades do not reflect their knowledge or abilities because they choose not to study or turn in homework assignments.
Working as a high school Spanish teacher, I often find myself questioning what I can do to motivate all of my students to want to learn and be successful within my classroom. Despite my best efforts, there always seems to be a handful of students every semester who I struggle to successfully motivate. There is a constant battle to get these students to turn in their homework, put forth sincere effort on their assignments, or adequately prepare themselves for assessments. This causes me great frustration as I see the potential all students have to excel if successfully motivated to learn Spanish and try their best. With this idea in mind, I wanted to learn more about motivation and, more specifically, motivating students within the classroom.
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