Motivation And The Reluctant Learner

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Running head: MOTIVATION

Motivation and the Reluctant Learner
Jennifer F. Olivares
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Blended Learning Community, ME-PD

Successfully motivating all students to want to learn and to work to their full potential is undoubtedly a complicated task. Motivation is impacted by a variety of internal and external as well as social and cultural factors and is unique to every individual. Several motivation theories exist to help better explain and understand motivation. Strategies and techniques related to these motivation theories can be implemented within the classroom setting with the goal of successfully motivating students. The role of educators and the classroom environments they create is another essential component to effectively motivating all students. Educators must strive to get to know each student individually and provide a classroom atmosphere in which all students can be motivated to succeed. Educators must also offer students choice and a sense of autonomy within the classroom and provide them with high but attainable expectations. Through better understanding the complexity of motivation, motivation theories, and the role of teachers to motivate students, educators can work to implement changes within their classrooms to help all learners, including reluctant learners, achieve success.

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The Effects of Motivation Strategies on Reluctant Learners in the Spanish…
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