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PERSONAL CASE ANALYSIS Contents INTRODUCTION 2 BACKGROUND 3 MOTIVATION KEY ISSUES 3 ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS 4 OFFER REWARDS 4 PROVIDE AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 5 PROPOSED SOLUTION 5 CONCLUSION 5 RECOMMENDATIONS 6 REFERENCES 7 INTRODUCTION Motivation is the basic needs to improve the performance in the workplace to attain a goal. In today’s era, the impossible things are going to be possible through effective motivation which gives us the quality of work. Being a successful manager means deliberate and strategic decision-making regarding the feedback and management while a good manager is elaborate own strategy and style to motivate employees but at some workplaces, this thing is not to happen and its create motivation issues. This…show more content…
This case study describes the motivation issues, its solutions, and recommendations. MOTIVATION KEY ISSUES Motivation is the key factor in any organisation. The primary responsibility of any organisation is to provide the proper environment to the employees for better performance. In Globe café and Patisserie and Restaurant, the manager had been handling the whole team which as responsible for providing an appropriate work environment, training, budgeting, roster-setting as well as paperwork. Each employee had their own needs which encourage the employee to give their best at a workplace, but because of some motivation issues, they cannot give their best. In the globe, the restaurant manager was always demotivating the employees with a greater attitude. Also, he was not provided proper work environment and training to inexperienced employees who had affected the bad impact on their work. Without training and in-depth knowledge of the work pattern, no one can give an effective performance. However, the manager tried to get maximum work with minimum pay from the employees, so employees are suffered from physical and mental stress. Also, the owner of the restaurant never gave an award and reward to the employees for their best efforts. Therefore, employees were felt lack of energy in producing the best efforts in work. Although, a happy environment at the workplace enhance the efficiency and quality

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