Motivation, Emotion, and Behavior

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Motivation, Emotion, and Behavior; According to, motivation is an arousal of an organism that acts toward a desired goal. Emotion is the state of consciousness of what one experiences such as love, hate, happy and sad. Behavior is an action or reaction under certain circumstances. The relationship between the three is feelings that one receives under each. For instance, a cold rainy day, on such a day, one’s motivation may be to lie around all day and possibly not change out of their pajama’s, which could lead to a sad and depressive day, (emotions) which leads to an “I don’t care” behavior. Emotions can affect motivation negatively or positively. As previously stated, emotions are a state of consciousness and sets…show more content…
(Ruud, M.) I believe that the most valid of the four theories is Lazarus. I think that an emotion is based consciously and subconsciously. Even though the theories are all “feelings”, a person can create an emotion with or without really thinking about it. A good example, my granddaughter at times begins crying, and when asked why, her response is “I don’t know”. I think that the least valid of the four theories is the
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