Motivation Employee Performance And Success

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Introduction One of the most important assets of any organization is its human capital. Employees play an important role in organization’s performance and success. So motivating employees is considered by organizations as crucial to retain the employees and drive them to perform better. Motivated employees tend to be more effective in fulfilling their job responsibilities. Baack (2012) notes that the exiting literature on motivation seeks to develop an understanding of the nature of motivation, how to increase motivation level in employees and improve employee performance; thus, in turn, improve overall performance of the organization. Motivation helps employees to feel encouraged to perform effectively and thus, contribute towards improved performance of the organization by linking the employees’ goals and objectives with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization. Motivation plays a significant role in influencing employee behavior and driving their behavioral outcome to meet the organization’s expectations. Lack of motivation among employees can create barriers for the organization to fulfill its goals and objectives. Highly motivated employees can help in creating happy and satisfied customers and help the company earn profits. Employees who are not motivated, who does not have a strong relation of trust with the employers, lack socialization in organization, or fear downsizing by the company are often stressed which affects their health, career, and
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