Motivation Factors And Indicators Of The Employees

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Motivation is the culmination of set of forces that is the reason for people to get engaged in any particular behaviour instead of many alternative behaviour. (Griffin & Moorhead, 2012) There are different instances for motivation and its indicators. For instance, a salesperson may be willing to work overtime over the weekend and may demonstrate his motivated behaviours. Motivation is a continuous process. This is a challenging task for an organisation and the managers to find out what exactly motivates the individuals. However, there are techniques and tools which can be useful to identify how different behavioural aspects can effect motivation of the employees. This paper will go to fulfil the aim and objective so that the selected store can identify how they can keep their employee motivation at a standard level.


Aim and Objective:

This paper’s aim is: To make a critical review of the motivation factors or indicators of the employees in the workplace
The objective of this paper is: Finding and analyse the motivation factors or indicators for critical review in relation to employees at a selected organisation’s store

Company background:

Tesco is a British retail superstore which is founded by jack Cohen in 1919 and it started its business from a market stall in the East End. Tesco has now grown bigger and expanded their operations into 12 markets. They employ around 530,000 people. Tesco also serves tens of millions of customers every
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