Motivation, Goal And Their Gpa

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Numerous stories have been conducted about College Graduation focusing in different levels of observation like motivation, goal-setting and their GPA. According to Dweck et al, When face with a difficult academic challenge, why do some student cheerfully roll up their sleeves ready to dig in and tackle the problem, while other students throw up their hands and in despair and defeat? Dweck argues that these two behavioral patterns reflect different underlying achievement goal orientation and different explicit stories of intelligent (Dweck, 1986; Dweck and Leggett, 1988). Unquestionably , academic success should include meeting the University expectation for being a good standing student and making satisfactory progress towards your degree. As a student you should you should create academic expectation about your institution, student think about their goal creating motivation factor, so they can create goals to work towards base on what they want to achieve during their University period in life. For some student, College become just earning a specific GPA, for others it becomes their future and pursuing a career, from these students plan to attempt graduate school after finishing with their bachelor’s degree. More than two million of students are register in higher education, yet not all will graduated or continue courses within years of stating (U.S Department of Educational Statistics, 2015). Some of the problems affecting the students will be represented
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