Motivation In Autonomy's Drive By Daniel Pink

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An element of motivation a college student needs is purpose. Without purpose one would have no reason of pursuing a task; without motivation 2.0, that is mentioned in Drive by Daniel Pink. Although Autonomy and Mastery can be focused with purpose it can lead to the use of mastery or freedom for one’s self. A musician may find purpose in their musical talents, but before they can accomplish their goals they first have to gain mastery. Practicing your instrument can be on your own time, no one can force you to enjoy playing the instrument. In motivation 3.0 autonomy is addressed with having freedom to do tasks as you please. Autonomy and purpose will tie together because when focusing on purpose and setting goals it may be easier to complete…show more content…
Your task now is too study for my Final, many people have different ways of studying; flash cards, with a partner, reviewing notes etc. but that doesn’t mean everyone will pass because they studied. “If they fail to bill enough hours. Their jobs are in jeopardy.” (Pg. 99 Drive by Daniel Pink) If one person studies longer than the other does that prove that the student whom studied less doesn’t understand the curriculum. What would be the purpose of studying for the final if studying a certain amount of hours less is compared to how well you will do. With this version of purpose, autonomy is needed to level out the playing field on determination and hard…show more content…
As a college student myself, I read the prompt for this essay and went off the railings. I saw the need for all three, if one were alone they would not stand correctly. Which is what Daniel Pink is trying to tell us as he uses the three elements in a tripod formation. If the tripod were to lose a leg along the way the entire method would fall to bits. If he had referenced the three elements as separate tripods, rather than combined he would have been acknowledging us that it would be okay to separate one from the
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