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Motivation in the workplace is one of the major concerns that managers face when trying to encourage their employees to work harder and do what is expected of them on a day-to-day basis. According to Organizational Behavior by John R. Schermerhorn, James G. Hunt and Richard N. Osborn the definition of motivation is "the individual forces that account for the direction, level, and persistence of a person's effort expended at work." They go on to say that "motivation is a key concern in firms across the globe." Through the years there have been several theories as to what motivates employees to do their best at work. In order to better understand these theories we will apply them to a fictitious organization that has the following…show more content…
According to the ERG theory "existence needs are the desire for physiological and material well-being, relatedness needs are the desire for satisfying interpersonal relationships and growth needs are the desire for continued personal growth and development"(Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn 2005, p.5 chpt.6). For the same reason's that Maslow's theory would not be a good choice for this organization to use to motivate their sales staff; the ERG theory is also not suited for this type of employee group. The two-factor theory by Frederick Herzberg was based how the employees themselves felt about their jobs. The two factors are the hygiene factor which had to do with the working environment and the motivator factor which is linked to an employee's performance. These factors are not best applicable to a sales force as they are usually goal orientated and look for set objectives. The equity theory conceived by J. Stacy Adams is based premise that "people gauge the fairness of their work outcomes relative to others, any perceived inequity is a motivating state of mind" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn, 2005, p.10, chpt.6). This theory when applied to a sales force would not be the best method to motivate this employee group as to what is deemed fair by a team leader could be perceived as unfair by the

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