Motivation Is Not Always Present For The Classroom At Milby High School

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Every accomplishment, small or large, comes from the motivation one has to succeed in their goals. Motivation is not always present in the classroom, for example in Mrs. Garcia’s classroom at Milby High School. For me, knowing Spanish was a given since most of my family speaks it. Although this is the case, I never used Spanish with them because they can understand English. For this reason, I only knew the basics and couldn’t hold a conversation with it. My parents always wanted me to learn more Spanish and perfect it in order to have a better future. I never saw the point of it until I was placed Mrs. Garcia’s Spanish level 1 class. The first days of class I had zero motivation into learning Spanish but as the weeks passed I began to feel like Mrs. Garcia really went above and beyond to try to teach us what was her passion. When I began to see how much Mrs. Garcia cared for us, I began to try more in every assignment. She also brought in a speaker every week to talk to us about the importance of speaking Spanish in the real world. These small but highly motivating things Mrs. Garcia would do, lead most of her students into wanting to be teachers, and it lead me into wanting to motivate others into learning Spanish as a Spanish teacher. Looking back at my own experience with a new foreign language, I want to better understand ways to keep a student motivated and analyze the reasons behind the lack of it. “Learning a language is no easy task but a foreign…
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