Motivation: Management and Human Nature Essay

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NAME: Melissa Falcone

1. Compare and contrast Coach K and Coach Knight. How are they different? How are they similar?

Both Coach K and Coach Knight were well known for their management styles as for their on-court accomplishments. A main element of both leadership and management is goal achievement. The difference between these two coaches is that their leadership styles originated from the definitive goals they established for their own teams. Coach K preferred a method that influenced the players to build strong relationships and improve the team value. On the other hand, Coach Knight’s approach was to manage each one through an extreme program. In some situations,
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These ideas stem from McGregor’s different theories of management “Theory X,” and “Theory Y.” His peaceful manner in leadership meets today’s standard in behavior and would be in the favor of most organizations and employees. If the organization is well structured and has personnel with high self-esteem and self-motivation, leaders like Coach K would be more suitable, because people within the organization appreciate the leader’s care and encouragement, performing at their best to earn more respect and support from the leader. 3. Describe Coach Knight’s leadership style. What are his basic assumptions about motivation, leading and human nature?

The terms that were used most frequently in Coach Knight’s story were: passionate, demanding, extraordinary accomplishment, prepared, disciplined, meticulous, planned, flawless, and legendary. On the other hand, there is also a tremendous opposite depiction of his controversial leading practice such as: alleged, unacceptable, intimidate, profanity, anger, tyrant, irritated, foul-mouthed, foul-tempered, bully, and even beast. I would say that Coach Knight is just like a taskmaster and his leadership style consisted mainly of discipline and intimidation. His dismissal at IU for violating the policy of Zero Tolerance was grounded on this behavior. Under such assumption about human nature, Coach
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