Motivation, Motivation And Intrinsic Motivation

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With highly developed science nowadays, people still not quite understand how we motivate, and what actually support us to attain our dream in daily life. Although huge numbers of scientists keep researching on how motivation works in our brain, we cannot make a conclusion about the truth of the motivation in the past century. Luckily, Daniel Pink announces his latest results, “The Puzzle of Motivation”, on TED in 2009, which gives us a brand new idea about our motivation and how we could improve us by learning his method. In this essay, I will illustrates the main point of Daniel Pink, the evidence given in his speech, also the benefits I get from his idea which increase my self-motivation and helps me improve my study experience. According to “The Puzzle of Motivation”, the speech given by Daniel Pink (2009) on TED, Pink demonstrates idea that our motivation has many different methods, which well known as extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. But it also could have even more complex motivation methods, such as extrinsic and intrinsic combined motivation, depends on different tasks. Reward could give us positive motivation and improve us work efficiency, however, it is limited on easy job, and people given a clearly direction on how to complete the mission. For creative and complex task, rewards can narrow our views, or even harm. Based on the experiment done by Sam Glucksberg, professor in Princeton University, it proves reward actually can harm to work. In

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