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Motivation to work
Jesus Guzman Psych 301
One topic of I-O Psychology that I found most interesting is motivation to work. The exploration of what it takes to push someone forward to follow certain company standards or rules and fulfilling a responsibility of behaving a certain way to help it succeed. I specifically want to explore the relationship between rewards and motivation. A few studies caught my attention; one was an exploration of a relationship between money attitudes and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the second was to see if what kind of impact nearly winning had on motivation for unrelated rewards. The first one was interesting because it attempts to prove the idea that money attitudes helps drive an individual in to achieve all 5 of Maslow’s needs. The second one explores what kind of motivational effects there are in a near-win experience. The third one that stood out to me was to determine if every day verbal rewards have a strong connection with self-determined motivation. Intrinsic motivation stems from accomplishing something someone enjoys doing, not hoping to gain a reward. This third study tries to prove through verbal rewards, autonomous motivation can be promoted and lead to more positive outcomes than tangible rewards.
One theory dealing with the topic of motivation is the self-determination theory. This theory is concerned with a person’s psychological need to grow, their intrinsic tendencies and choices made without external influence. Its three
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