Motivation Of A Team Sport Essay

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The second topic that we covered in the course was motivation in sport, focusing on what gets someone motivated and what can keep their motivation; as well as the different types of motivation that exist. As I mentioned in the earlier paper, I am not currently part of a team sport, or any sport for that matter. However, I do go to the gym at least three to four times a week and I am also in school. So while motivation does not apply to be in the sport setting, it applies to me in terms of my working out and school commitment. When looking at motivation, I can see that there are a few factors that apply directly to my situation like, being intrinsically motivated, having competence and also recognize that there are variations in my motivation intensity. Going to the gym is rough on your body because you are physically pushing your abilities every time, adding more weight and challenging yourself. It is not always so glamorous. With all of these motivational factors combined, these are the reasons that I keep going back to the gym every time, even if it leaves me sore and tired the next day.
There are three main types of motivation, each of which are very different. These three are amotivation, which is the absence of motivation, intrinsic motivation, which is when you’re motivated internally, and extrinsic motivation, when you’re motivated by external things like rewards. I notice that I have a little of extrinsic motivation but I definitely have more of intrinsic motivation.
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