Motivation Of Professionalism And Success

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Maxwell Almaguer
Professor Lace
English 101
28 February 2015
Motivation to Professionalism Student professionalism and success are required to work together to motivate the student to be an efficient employee in the future. I am a good example of a student in progress because I always arrive on time to my classes or work; follow any directions from my professors or employers, and follow ethics that influence my professional behavior towards other individuals. These ideas and ethics will benefit me in the future because it will satisfy the requirements of employers and will assist me in to obtaining promotions. Professionalism and success is what humans need to survive in modern society. As you read, you will need a basic understanding of ethics and what do they propose towards professionalism. My ethics allowed me to be a great example of student success because every day is one step closer to my educational goals. In order to reach my educational goals, I must follow three simple expectations; arrive on time to class and work to be prepared for assignments and tasks provided by the professor or supervisor. When I follow my ethics, it allows me to behave professionally and accomplish my responsibilities as they come and go. For professional behavior, my definition for student success has now expanded beyond the achievement of goals into a larger realization that success is interdependent and systemic. It doesn’t begin and end with the individual or even two individuals.
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