Motivation Of Self Directed Learning Essay

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Motivation in Self-directed Learning Ryan and Deci (2000) define motivation as the move or stir to do something. This implies that an individual who is energized to achieve something is considered to be motivated whereas an individual who lacks inspiration to act or do something is considered to be unmotivated. Motivation is the guide or endorsement to do something and achieve goals (Farhanah et al., 2014). In adult learning, motivation is defined as the desire for learners to identify learning activities that are meaningful and valuable. In addition, motivation is considered to be the behavior of feelings to achieve personal learning. The literature considers motivation to be a critical aspect in the learning process in the classroom as well as the work environment. Both Ryan and Deci (2000) and Farhanah (2014) cited the existence of a positive relationship between motivation and learning. Motivation is not a singular phenomenon but rather relies on multiple aspects. According to Ryan and Deci (2000), motivation differs in amount and type. This implies that individuals have different levels of and orientation towards motivation. Orientation towards motivation refers to beliefs and goals that stir an action (Ryan & Deci, 2000). For example, a learner might be motivated to learn a new skill he or she understands the importance of such a skill. In another instance, a learner might be motivated to learn a new task because of curiosity. In both instances, motivation varies in
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