Motivation Of The Classroom Observation

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The teacher observation took place in first grade level classroom at a private school. The lesson that I observe, was teaching the students about money problems and combining it in real life situation. The teacher who was educating these children, and which I have observed and interviewed was Ms. Dana. As I sat in the back of the classroom observing Ms. Dana techniques of teaching her students, I noticed the way the classroom is set up. Instead of the setting up the classroom with rows of desks, with few motivational/educational posters, it is filled with educational posters to motivate her students to work hard. The desks were also were facing each other, so the students can interact with other students and help one another. I noticed that Ms. Dana has the desks sit in a circle like way in order to have eye contacts with each individual student. As I sat quietly observing her, she introduced the lesson she planned for today, and pass out the materials (money materials) to the students. As she passed out the money materials to the students, she would ask simple questions, such as, “What is this coin, a nickel or dime?” and proceed to let the classroom to answer. Ms. Dana demonstrate the differences between each currency and proceed to pass remaining materials. She proceed to pull out the math problems she planned, and draw them on the board. As Ms. Dana was drawing the math problem out, I see the excitement throughout the classroom as they learning new things, and using
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