Motivation Over Money

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In the cultural stirring pot that is America, ethnicities are extremely diverse, sometimes causing tensions between the races. Some were wronged in the past while others were given help to succeed, and now it is the country’s desire to make life more equal. The way the government tries to do this is by putting in effect Affirmative Action. This policy gives preference to races that were historically harmed and therefore stunted in ability to make more of their lives now. These minorities are given first choice in places such as the workplace or in educational institutions in order to make them more culturally diverse. In the comparison of two opposing views on the issue, I agree with the view that does not condone Affirmative Action. I agree with the article “The Case against Affirmative Action,” written by Louis Pojman, for I believe the program is morally unjust. I understand the attempt it is making to make up for mistreatment in the past, but I don’t believe this type of opportunity compensation will solve the problem. By giving preference to ethnicities who were not given preference in the past, society must again lower a group’s worth, this time the majority group. We have learned from our past and do all we can to make society equal, and over time, by society’s behavior and mentality, the equality will exist fully. If the issue is about the previously excluded race not having the same opportunities, then I think we need to give them the chance to earn it. Even then,
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