Essay about Motivation

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Motivation is the desire to achieve the goal or reason why is making you do something it makes you feel like that to continue work to achieve your goal. Also to be successful in lifestyle you will need a good motivation to have the opportunity to survive. For example, some students have got motivation to complete their education. To put it simply motivation is knows as an interaction of the individual and the situation. Remember that the level of motivation varies between each individual and among individuals in different time. This essay will seek to critically examine to understand what motivation is as well as evaluate the three theories.…show more content…
For example, if the worker is a poor person he will not satisfy his needs but still have the respect of social. Moreover, Maslow's did not give important to the belief and I think that is more important than all the needs that mentioned in the hierarchy. However, this theory could be found in our lives always.
The ERG theory based on work, but there is slight different. Alderfer has divided his needs to three groups of needs existence needs, relatedness needs and growth needs. The definition of needs Alderfer firstly, existence needs one of the necessary needs that are physiological and security needs such as, needs for food. Secondly, relatedness needs which is about the individual and the society in which they live. Finally but not least, growth needs include the human ability and self-realization. However, Alderfer theory has a different aspect with Maslow's. That if a person failed to reach the top of that needs he have to return again to the basic needs. While Maslow's theory has focused on seeking to achieve human need one at the same time. On the other hand, ERG believes that human could achieve more than one needs at the same time (Alerfer 1972, cited in Smith and Taylor 2007). Alderfer theory is in line with the needs of Maslow's theory that the individual
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