Motivation Research : Curiosity And Career Related

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Assignment Paper 1
My motivation to do research is both curiosity and career related. I like the idea of living life by asking questions and figuring out why things work the way they do. I feel like it is more beneficial to me to ask clarifying and probing questions; to be content with the state of a problem is to stop looking for more. In a career setting, I recognize the importance of research to a psychology graduate program. Graduate school is centered around a large-scale research project. The ability to effectively research has the potential to take me exceptionally far. In the realm of career application, research can play a role in the day to day assignments of and industrial-organizational psychologist, my ideal career.
My primary interest in the realm of psychology is efficiency. This directly applies to industrial-organizational psychology as this area of psychology focuses on efficiency and productively within the workplace. The concepts behind doing tasks as well and quickly as possible truly fascinate me. In the fast-paced society that we live in, time is of the essence. I am interested in research that looks in to how this applies to people in the workplace. To a certain extent, the mindset within corporations, especially large ones, is changing. Industrial-organizational psychology attempts to address the people side of business. Happy workers are productive workers. If the employees within a corporation are well organized, efficiency and, eventually,
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