Motivation Statement For Estee Lauder

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The MEB provides a great foundation before you enter the world of business. As an intern, the skills and knowledge gained over the past few months have been documented in this report providing an insightful view into the journey. This summer, as a part of the end of studies internship I worked as a Real Estate Intern (EMEA) at Estee Lauder companies in Paris. It exposed me to the fast-paced world of the beauty industry. In 3 supercharged months, I garnered extensive experience in the intricacies of managing a real estate portfolio of ELC brands (25+ Brands), from the retail strategy execution, negotiating with landlords and optimizing the portfolio and approving the shop openings at an EMEA level to drive visibility.
After 2 months
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From the selection and sourcing of the ingredients, to advertising, packaging, and consumer coverage, they aim for EDGE (Every Day Great Execution) throughout the process. They always look to improve; diligently seeking methods to enhance the excellence of the products and the prestige experience for the consumers.
The company has been under the Lauder family since its founding. Members of the Lauder family are all in senior important positions some of whom are directors. They own directly or indirectly shares/stocks. Brand acquisitions and licensing agreements contributed to the massive growth of the company from a family owned-business to a publicly listed company in 1995 in the New York stock exchange at $26 a
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Principally sold through limited sales channels to complement the brand positioning. Like departmental stores, specialty multi-brand retailers, upscale perfumeries, pharmacies, and prestige salon/spas. In addition, Estee lauder products are also sold in in their own authorized free-standing stores, in airports-duty-free and through the online websites. The online and offline experience is seamless, strengthening the relationship of the brand with retailers and consumers. The distribution strategy, heightens the aspirational quality of their brands.
Estee Lauder have tactically opened new stores globally that are operated by either them or by authorized third parties(Franchise). About 1200 stores, and more than 500 stores are operated around the world by partners (third parties). This allows for lesser risk when entering a foreign country. The number of stores will increase in the next few years significantly. Products are sold through company owned and operated e-commerce sites in 35 countries. Majority of the sales come from the United States and United Kingdom, with EMEA not too far behind.
Macro Approach
i. MARKET DATA: Geography, Demography,
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