Motivation Statement For Mac Cosmetics

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Cosmetics are products that are used by almost every woman on planet Earth. The reasons that drive women to purchase these products are vast and intriguing. Whether it’s the nifty adverts that the cosmetic industry utilise or if it is just the brand name, we will remain wondering unless this topic is researched.

Focus Question:
To determine which of three cosmetic brands (Revlon, MAC and L’Oréal) have the most effective adverts in term of noticeability and brand recognition in the St Mary’s DSG community between the ages of 15 – 40.

I chose this research question because I was interested in knowing what influences the community of DSG to purchase makeup. The three companies I chose (Revlon, MAC and L’Oréal) were of interest because
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MAC sells high-quality personal care cosmetics but the majority are lipsticks and they are more than the other cosmetic products. MAC’s vision is to honour individuality and self-expression which most critics say have managed to do (Know How, MAC Cosmetics, 2015). One can say that MAC Cosmetic products are for those who prefer a more fashion forward palette.
The following companies were chosen because they are ranked highly in the different areas they work in, in terms of the cosmetic industry. Revlon was chosen because it is a product that consumers like and feel comfortable wearing. L’Oréal is a more mature brand and it suits the women who want to feel comfortable but still be subtle when they wear makeup. MAC Cosmetics chosen because it suits the women who are outgoing and who want a flashy but also subtle look.
There have been debates on whether it is necessary to wear makeup and the consumer’s opinion counts that is why adverts were created to convince the consumer that makeup isn’t bad for you or that they should prefer to wear it rather than the other way
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L’Oreal from the above research we can see how it is not as recognised as Revlon and MAC this could be because the DSG community views more of a older,mature and unknown type of brand. This could be why L’Oreal wasn’t as recognised in figure 4.
Advert analysis
The results as to which brands adverts attracted the DSG community members attention will be tablulated and figured will be given in order of preference as to see how closely related the advert type and brand name are.
Fig 8 : Table to show the impact adverts have without the brand name being present.
Question 10
Image Number Brand Name Preference
1 MAC 1
2 Revlon 2
3 L’Oreal 3

Question 11
Image Number Brand Name Preference
1 MAC 2
2 L’Oreal 1
3 Revlon 3

Question 12
Image Number Brand Name Preference
1 Revlon 1
2 MAC 2
3 L’Oreal

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