Motivation, Stress and Communication: A Personal Analysis

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Motivation, Stress and Communication: A Personal Analysis Job Description Registered Nurses (RN) are one of the most high demand positions in the hospital setting. The Registered Nurse performs many essential patient functions and is an important member of the care team. RNs work directly with patients and their families. They are a primary contact point between the patient and their health care team. Their duties include: patient evaluations monitoring and tracking vital signs performing procedures such as starting IVs phlebotomy medication administration RNs are typically the first to notice changes in their patient due to their frequency of contact. RNs develop a day-to-day patient care plan. The RN is the primary person responsible for discharge planning and follow up care. The RN works in a fast paced environment that is continually changing. They work with physicians to develop a patient care plan. RNs must be able to make rapid judgments under extremely stressful circumstances. They must be able to handle large case loads in an employment situation that is facing a shortage. They often work long hours, must stand on their feet continually and face increasing recordkeeping as a result of changes in the nursing profession. The RN has a demanding job and must strive to maintain a work-life balance and a healthy attitude. Goal Setting and Motivation for the RN In order to provide the best patient care, the RN must be at their best all day,

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