Motivation, The, Health, And Wellness Company Essay

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2.5 motivational internal - Charlotte Cowie Motivation is the will to work. This comes from the enjoyment of the work itself and/or from the desire to achieve certain goals. There are many ways in which a manager goes about increasing motivation to improve many aspects of the business such as efficiency. My chosen business to study is Nestle. Nestle is the world 's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. Nestlé New Zealand is a subsidiary of Nestlé SA, Within the New Zealand food industry Nestle is a major player employing over 650 employees across the 6 sites of their business. Remuneration Remuneration is a reward for employment in the form of pay, salary, or wages, including allowances, benefits (such as company car). It can also be known as the compensation that one receives in exchange for the work or services performed. The two main types of employee remuneration are piece rate method and time rate method. Renumeration can motivate employees to be more productive but does not have to necessarily be compensation based as it can also be praise or recognition. Fringe benefits are a type of compensation, employers give to employees. Some common examples of fringe benefits include medical and dental insurance, use of a company car and staff meals and vacation pay. Two ways Nestle uses remuneration to achieve financial motivation for its workers is by providing company cars and providing 5 weeks annual leave which is one week more than usual

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