Motivation : The Reason For On Acting A Particular Way.

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Motivation : The reason for on acting a particular way. Alone and for the right reason motivation can be an extremely powerful tool for success and well-being. Yet, what is it that provokes motivation ? Many studies have been conclusive to culture and religion being an enormous trigger to motivation. Why is that exactly? To answer this question one should examine what hinders motivation. Many young people suffer from identity and social issues, such as not truly knowing who they are, anxiety and questioning of their morals. Even though religions differ, it enables one to realize who they truly are, reduce anxiety and creates lifelong morals. In this ever changing world what does one hold on to, ensuring they do not disappear with…show more content…
On the basis of Stace 's conceptualization, Hood (1975) developed the Mysticism Scale (M-Scale) to measure these eight phenomenological characteristics of religious experience” ( Lazar, Aryeh. “Cultural Influences on Religious Experience and Motivation.”) All of theses qualities or experiences are vital to identifying oneself. Looking closer into the study it suggest that having an insight on your religion and culture creates a less introverted person and more willing to adventure and explore along with being uninfluenced by others opinions. They even gathered real life testimonials to back up their study. “ Factor analysis of the M-Scale has uncovered a three-factor solution (Hood et al. 1993). Hood et al. identified the first factor of their three-factor solution with Stace 's (1960) extrovertive mysticism, defined as the experience of unity with all and containing two qualities: unity in diversity (e.g., "I have had an experience in which I realized the oneness of myself with all things") and inner subjectivity (e.g., "I have had an experience in which all things seemed to be conscious"). The second factor was identified with Stace 's introvertive mysticism, defined as an experience of self-loss, contained the following three qualities: unity of ego (e.g., "I have had an experience in

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