Motivation Theories

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The four motivation theories are Biological theory, Psychosocial theory of motivation, Biopsychosocial, and Achievement theory. Everyone has their own motivation in life for continuing education, and career choices. Each person also has Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivators. Intrinsic is an internal motivation for self satisfaction. Extrinsic is an external motivation, or reward for a person’s accomplishment.
Motivation Theories:
Linda was motivated to go back to school because she wanted an education that would help to further her in her career, or help her to move on to another one. Linda worked her way up in her field and found that people with a degree were earning more for the same position than she has. It is well known that in
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Her gourmet meal was ramen noodles. Not being happy at home affected her grades and her social life. She wants to ensure that her daughter does not go through this as well. Jamie believes the Psychosocial Theories incentive theory would best fit with her motivation. Incentive Theory explains how one is motivated to reach something they want or to elude something that they don’t. In this case Jamie does not want her daughter to grow up in the same lifestyle that she did. She wants’ her to grow up in a safe environment.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators:
Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from any external or outside rewards (Carpenter, Visualizing Psychology). Extrinsic motivations can change something pleasurable into work (Carpenter, Visualizing Psychology). Extrinsic motivations are often the motivator to do an action even though it is not always something you want to do. Linda wants to receive a high grade, so this would be the intrinsic motivation for her. Her extrinsic motivation is when she has worked hard and receives a high grade. It is the reward she receives for her hard work. It gives her a sense of accomplishment, and motivates her to continue to work hard.
Audra’s intrinsic motivation is the satisfaction of a job well done. When a wedding goes well and the bride and groom are happy she feels a sense
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