Motivation Theory : Motivation And Motivation

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Jonathan Valdez
Professor Jones
April 28 2016
Motivation Theories Having motivation to do something is very important. Motivation plays a huge roll in everyone’s life, even If someone has very little motivation. There are several types of motivation such as Instinct and drive motivation. These two motivations are quite similar, but different at the same time. I will compare and contrast both of these types of motivation and what I think about them. These motivations are very important to your life and can determine an outcome of your life. To begin, Instinct motivation is a type of motivation that urges you to do something because it’s a natural feel that comes within you. Instinct motivation is a spontaneous pattern of behavior. Psychiatrist such as Sigmund Freud suggested that human behavior is driven by life and death instincts. Another thing about instinct motivation is that it involves your environment. Your environment plays a huge role on the decision you make when it comes to life or death situations. Instinct motivation is composed to three things. For example William McDougall says, “Instincts are composed of three parts: perception, behavior and emotion.” This means that all of those three components make a part of your decision making towards the motivation to do something. So if you have an impression of something and your instinct motivates you to do something you are likely to do what you feel is right. William used a good example on when
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