Motivation Vs Persuasion

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Motivation is different from persuasion for the reason that it involves the force, stimulant, or influence to produce change. Persuasion is the procedure, and motivation is the persuasive stimulation that supports your audience to shift conduct or their beliefs, to embrace your position, or to contemplate your justifications.
A motive is an instinct that induces an individual to behave. Motivation is an internal process that produces a man move toward a target. Motivation, like wisdom, can’t be observed. Instead, motivation can only be inferred by noting an individual’s behavior.

The need an individual who is motivated by the need to discover meaning in existence might choose to have a job that is higher in significance and lesser in pay than the usual job that is certainly greater
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If the goal will be to get the audience to go to a neighborhood event, the talk may create pictures of happy times with family to achieve the audience's psychological side. Marketing is a notable example of persuasion, as its sole purpose is always to persuade clients to utilize a product or service.

Red Herring: “Something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matterat hand; a misleading clue”.
("the definition of red herring", 2016)
Non Sequitur: “a statement containing an illogical conclusion”. ("the definition of non sequitur", 2016)
Ad Hominem: “attacking an opponent's character rather than answering his argument”. ("the definition of ad hominem", 2016)
Ad Populum: “The ad populum fallacy is the appeal to the popularity of a claim as a reason for accepting it”. ("ad populum fallacy - The Skeptic's Dictionary -", 2016)
Straw Man: “a person whose importance or function is only nominal, as to cover another’s activities; front”. ("the definition of straw man",
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