Motivation : What Motivates People And Perform Well On The Job? Essay

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Motivation: What Motivates People to Perform Well on the Job?

Motivation is a state of mind which pushes both the mental and physical self to achieve things unimaginable, it is not just a few words spoken in order to get things done, it can be anything and everything, Motivation can be found in incentives and even in a pen, you might just love working because the way the pen writes motivates you, it’s all in there, in that little fluffy ball in our skulls which we call the brain! A well motivated man can achieve more than a well trained one. A person might have mastered in all the traits of mountaineering but cannot escalate a foot without motivation! There are various things, aspects and factors that motivate people to perform well on the job, it can be financial, professional, personal or mere ambience, each play a major role in motivating an employee thus affecting the efficiency of the work done. The most basic of the motivational techniques followed by any organization include, performance appraisals, incentives, promotional activities, et cetera. The world is moving forward, so should everyone else, the organizations these days are spending more time thinking about motivating the employees than they would have a decade ago. New and improved motivational techniques are taking shape to improve work flow and reach the common or organizational goal at an earliest and at the closest efficient level possible. Motivation has stood out as the sole weapon against lethargy.
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